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“We”, “our website”, or “this website” means, the website owned by Gangotri Pharma Private Limited, under the ownership of Sri. Pandu Ranga Vajramsetty.

This disclaimer applies to all of the content on our websites, which includes products, product descriptions, e-consult, product by remedies, and other respective images of the products and content available.

By reading and accessing any of the content or information on our website, you agree and acknowledge the disclaimers and warnings provided here.


Ayurveda Proprietary Medicine

Our website is purely for healthcare purposes only. Information and products provided on our website are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Please use e-consult on our website or visit a medical professional or physician prior to the purchase of the product.

All Content made available on our website is for information purposes. You should not attempt using it without any Professional Recommendations.

    No Guarantee Promised

    1. We do not offer any guarantee in respect of the information stated on our website. We do not promise the accuracy of any information content, opinion, or statement made on any page of our websites.
    2. It is completely up to your decision and solely your risk.
    3. We are not responsible for any mistake, misinformation, and outdated content present on our website.


      1. The information organized on our website is not a substitute or alternative for professional advice or medical consultation with your health care provider.
      2.We highly recommend that you should never delay seeking help from a medical professional regarding your health issue prior to the decision-making on our website.
      3. You must not use any part of the information provided on our website as advice or consultation without permission from your physician. It is important to understand that treatment and remedies may as per the disease, health condition, specific symptoms, body type, dosha, and various other factors. Unsupervised and unmonitored use can result in severe health risks and further health complications.
      4. Gangotri Pharma’s Sri. Pandu Ranga Vajramsetty and its other team members are not responsible or liable for any damage and injury arising from your reliance and the use of any information provided on our websites.


      Not legally bound

      Content provided on our website must not be presumed to be put to use in any legal capacity whatsoever.

      Dietary Advice

      We provide some dietary guidelines or recommendations based on the products available on our website for healthcare purposes and as a remedy. Our products are completely plant-based Ayurveda preparatory medicines.

      Our recommended dietary guidelines may be a risk for some persons and including healthy persons. While it proves highly beneficial for a majority of our audience, some may experience risks to their health.

      This is cautionary advice.

      We highly recommend consulting and seeking the advice of a healthcare practitioner.

      You are completely and solely responsible for your health and safety.

      We are not responsible for any risk or injury or damage arising out of the use of our products or due to dietary recommendations stated on our website.

      Trusting and relying on this information also needs to be verified and it is at your own risk.

      Safety of use

      1. The safety of use, we have stated on our website for any ingredient, herb or medicine is cited with proper research study.
      2. However, we state that some of the content is not supportive of further clinical trials or research. Without the cited source, it is a general opinion according to the performance of any ingredient, herb or medicine. This content may not be sufficient and may require further study.
      3. We are not liable for any safety of use stated on any page of our website. Trust the information here is solely up to your own risk.


      Product Reviews & Proprietary Medicines

      Product reviews and papers on personal drugs are grounded on their constituents described in the products. The information about suggestions, medicinal parcels, benefits, uses, lozenge, directions to use, side goods and safety profile is grounded on the possible synergetic action of the product’s constituents or as per conduct of the main component of the product. These are our opinions only and must not be considered as medical advice.

      Our websites aren't promoting any personal product or brand. We also don't write any patronized reviews on any product. The information is entirely grounded on our interpretation of the main constituents of the products. Our interpretations may be inaccurate. Misapprehension by us and by you may also be possible. You shouldn't calculate the interpretation of any specific products and you should consult a doctor before their use.

      Preservatives, Complements & Flavors

      Some manufacturing companies add some preservatives, complements, and flavors in their products, pharmaceutical medications, and foods. There may also be a contestation about their safety.

      We're only reviewing condiments, herbal complements, ayurvedic constituents, and natural drugs. Our safety statements aren't applicable to these preservatives, complements, flavors or other similar constituents added by manufacturers. Please read the product pamphlet for the detail of similar constituents. It solely depends on you whether you want to use or avoid similar products. We hold no responsibility and give no guarantee for the delicacy of our opinions.

      Commentary & Author Replies

      The views and opinions expressed in a commentary published on these websites solely belong to the commenting authors.

      These commentaries don't represent any professional views or opinions of Gangotri Pharma’s MD, CEO and our Staff Members.

      Commentaries are made for adding further information on the content and clarifying the information handed in the composition. These may also be independent opinions regarding the possibilities, but our answers to your queries or commentary on the website shouldn't be treated as medical advice. Don't consider them an individualized opinion from the expert.

      We don't give any guarantee regarding the delicacy of the information in our answers or commentary. We (including possessors, Authors, Editors and Contributors and other members of our patrons won't be responsible for any legal liability or any damages arising from the use of any information handed in our answers. Relying on our answers is solely dependent on you and at your own risk.


      The visitors of our website must not assume that if you click on any advertising links, they belong to us or our affiliates. We are not responsible for any such sponsored advertisements of any companies.


      The Ayurveda drugs arranged on our website are Ayurveda medications. These drugs can also have dangerous goods on your health. Our website is an information website. We give information on these drugs grounded on ayurvedic textbooks and ancient literature to gain website business. We don't have any attention to promoting these drugs. We explosively recommend you shouldn't use similar drugs.

      Some sauces may also be toxic, cause life- changing injuries, and may have several side goods. Before using any sauces, you must consult good health professionals.

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